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1. Race Day Domination (RDD): Obstacle Race Training Program

obstacle race training

The 12-week program features structured training that will condition you for the physical and mental tests of obstacle course racing. 

This all inclusive training package contains detailed training sessions and nutrition guides that will prepare you to DOMINATE any obstacle race or mud run.

No matter your current level of fitness or expected finish time, this is the program for you!

2. Race Day Domination (RDD) Obstacle Race Training: Baseline Training & Testing

The Race Day Domination Baseline Training and Testing Program is an introduction to the exercises and training methods used throughout the RDD program.   The Baseline Training and Testing is also used as a method to evaluate your current fitness level and then tracking your progress with regular performance assessments and re-evaluation.

After completing the Baseline Training portion of RDD you will be prepared to take on the remainder of the program, continuing to make improvements over time. 

3. RDD- Guide to Fat Burning Cardio

An introduction to the most effective, efficient and enjoyable forms of cardiovascular training and how to implement them into your train routine to burn fat and improve overall fitness.  Kettlebell training, Tabata intervals, fasted cardio are among the techniques presented.

4. RDD- Guide to Healthy Eating

Learn what to eat, when and how much to promote improvements in physical fitness and overall health.  Meal planning, snacking and pre- and post-workout options protocols are provided to allow for the development and implementation of an inclusive approach to nutrition.

5. RDD- Race Checklist

The Race Day Checklist will help you organize your registration, travel and pre-race preparations in the lead-up to race day. Follow this checklist to minimize stress and ensure enjoyable planning and DOMINATE your race day experience.

6. RDD- Workout Log

Track your daily workouts, weights, reps and performance in the Race Day Domination Workout Log.

7. RDD Training Videos

Exclusive member only access to 120+ exercise demonstration videos that provide instruction on the exercises used as part of the Race Day program.

8. BONUS: Hybrid Athlete Bodyweight Training Program

This 6-week training manual uses body-weight exercise to create a solid foundation of strength, stamina, and dynamic flexibility. This program will help develop your technique, expand your knowledge of exercises, and develop functional movement patterns that are applicable to more advanced training routines.

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